What’s a great way to add a personal touch and extra detail to your wedding day? Here are some fun tips to incorporate into your wedding day.

  1. Signature drink signage – Whether you name your drink after your favorite nickname for each other or pet, the signature drink is a great way to bring a personal element to your wedding day. Take it a step further and get an artist (plenty of great options on Etsy) to make a signature drink sign you can hang in your home.
  2. Take the party a step further! Have fun favors for your guests to dance with (we’re talking light up glow sticks, inflatable instruments and more!) really makes a mark!
  3. Have something you’re passionate about or love to share with your partner? Why not share with your guests as well? A well thought out and personal favor is always a great idea!
  4. Want to capture a shot with a ton of your favorite people at once for a fun and personal photo op? Grab a flag from your alma mater, state or favorite sports team and ask all the guests who are affiliated with that “thing” to jump in for a great group shot!
  5. Even if they can’t be at the reception with you, make sure your favorite family members make it to the wedding with these fun cake figurines!

Personalized details are one of our favorite things to help couples create. This will be just part 1 of this blog topic! Make sure to check back for more fun ideas!